Student Blogging Challenge week 3-4 (Get Creative and using pictures)

Hello Readers,
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This week’s challenge is to choose a topic and get creative
I have chosen to pick 10 dream jobs and I am going to explain why.
1. One of my dream jobs is to be a Professional Boxer. I am a Professional child boxer at the moment and I love boxing so when I grow up I would like to Professionally box.
My favourite part about boxing is it is really an one on one sport and it is good for health because to train for boxing you work all of your body
parts. More Information about Professional boxing
2.  A job I wouldn’t mind being is a lawyer. I would like to be a lawyer because they help people get out of trouble and if  successful then that person gets a fresh start to get out and stay out of trouble.  Lawyers have to stay in school and I want to stay in school and become educated. Some of my family are lawyers so I would have an advantage because I have seen lawyers in action 🙂 . More Information about Lawyers
3.  I wouldn’t mind being a Fire Fighter. I would like to be a Fire Fighter because they are hero’s and they would have to be so brave to go into fires and try to put them out risking there own life’s to save everyone elses. My father was a Fire Fighter as well as my uncle. I enjoy knowing that those brave people have saved peoples life’s. More information about Fire Fighters
4. An author sounds like a great job on the sidelines as well as being something else as well tho.  I would like to be an author because they get to write about great things depending on there categories of writing. They also (depending on if they write fiction books) get to make children happy because they are funny, exiting or just like a cartoon. More Information about authors
5. It would be ok to be a Computer Technician. I would like to be a computer technician because my grandfather is a computer technician and he has teached me so much over the years. I am also good with the computer and maths and the making of an computer is all Mathematics and I know how to make a computer with the right parts. Another great part about it is that you could do anything with your own computer. More Information about computer technician
6. I like my Teacher so I would like to become a teacher if  I can’t get another job. I would like teaching because you get respect from your students and you get to see them grow threw work and have a bright future. You can also be taught yourself like the other day I taught my teacher something about the computer. I love my great teachers this year Mrs S and Mrs D. More Information about being a teacher
7. One great job would have to be The President of the United States Just like Mr Obama (the current President.) I would like to be the president because I would love to watch over America and make it a better place than it already is. It would also be AWESOME to rule over such a big country as The United States Of America. To find out more about Obama click this link
8. I reckon that  being a stunts man would be AWESOME :). I think it would be so COOL to travel around the world making movies and doing performances. I watch stunts men all the time and I love all the FANTASTIC  tricks and moves that a stunts man does. I would like to do one of those car crash ones were you jump out of a moving car or something like that. More Information on stuntsman
9. I like watching wrestling and one of my heros are John Cena. So I don’t think that being a wrestler is to bad of an idea. I love fighting sports that is why I want to become a Professional Boxer when I grow up. Wrestling is close to boxing accept you don’t just use your fists. More Information about wrestling
10. I would also like to be an artist because artists get to paint what so rounds them and there ideas and just the beautiful things in life. Artist are Imaginative and that is a great skill to have that’s why schools don’t mind when children write about random stuff (fiction). More Information about Artists 
So that’s it my top 10 dream jobs I hope you enjoy reading them! 🙂
Student Blogging Challenge                                                                                                       
Regards Sw

4 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge week 3-4 (Get Creative and using pictures)

  1. Hi! I’m from America, and I love this post about your list fo jobs you would like to have some day. I think by the sounds of it, you’d make a great boxer. My uncle is a lawyer and he really likes the job, so I would encourage it. Keep up the good blogging!

  2. Hello SW.
    You’ve created a thoughtful list of jobs. I wish you well in your dream to become a Professional Boxer. When I was your age one of my dream jobs was to become a Secret Agent or Detective. I still think that it would be a cool job.

    I noticed that you made some of your words different colors. Is there a reason for this or was it for fun?

    • Hello Dinah,

      Thank you for the amazing comment!

      Thank you. I really do want to become a boxer. The reason I have made my words different colors is because it’s get creative week.

      Regards Sw

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